World Premiere: 24 April 2013, Sofia


Estruna is the big river in which two traditions flow.

Estruna has several intertwining threads.

Estruna is a challenge for the daring.

Estruna is the meeting point at the crossroads of art.

Estruna is a vocal sigh - it is a String.

Estruna project was born from the desire of artists

coming from different cultures and musical styles

to speak the same language.

It is not the first time that the mystery of Bulgarian choir music hits the World stage. Nor is it the first encounter between Flamenco and Bulgarian music. The great Enrique Morente did it more than 10 years ago - and the choir was then also conducted by Georgi Petkov. Today it is Arcángel, one of flamenco's leading voices, who looks towards what he calls “the perfect harmony of Bulgarian choir singing” - and he finds it with the help of the voices of some incredibly young Bulgarian singers.

The repertoire spans well known and new Flamenco pieces, through Bulgarian traditional pieces, to originals from the performers. The all-star line-up of Antonio Forcione (UK, acc. guitars), Yelsy Heredia (Spain, double bass) and Agustín Diassera (Spain, percussion) brings together traditional melodies from both ends of Mediterranean in a World-Jazz fusion of unique quality and perfect delight.

Flamenco and Bulgarian Voices inspire each other!

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