Estruna will perform an updated program with a 10-piece choir in several Spanish cities in June and July 2014:

21.06.2014 - Cordova

22.06.2014 - Granada

24.06-2014 - Madrid

26.06.2014 - Huelva

18.06.2014 - Cartagena


Estruna is again on the Spanish National Radio programme - this time it caught Teo Sanchez's attention

The concert premiere of Estruna before packed Bulgaria Concert Hall and with standing ovations - watch moments from the concert

Jose Miguel Lopez came form Spain to broadcast from Sofia for his program Discopolis on Radio 3 about Estruna. He was in the studio during the rehearsals and interviewed Arcángel and Yelsy Heredia.

The choir New Bulgarian Voices perform two songs from the Estruna repertoire in a talk show 12x3 on the Bulgarian National TV

During the second rehearsal session journalist Marina Evgenieva made a special documentary on Estruna, broadcasted in December 2012 on BTV